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In a few words...

Getting to Know: Pilot Introduction of Development Education in the Formal Education System in Bulgaria is a three-year joint initiative of six non-governmental organisations, which are also among the founders of the Bulgarian platform for international development (BPID).
The project aims to contribute to the process of delivering development aid (DA) by activating a clear mechanism for integrating a global development dimension in the curriculum of the education system in Bulgaria. The methods implemented in the project will allow children and young people to explore global links by participating in activities and classes organised in schools and universities. Toolkits will be prepared, which will present a clear rationale for bringing in global perspectives in the thematic context of the educational curricula.

Why this project?
What will happen?
Who is in it?

Questions, comments?

Why is this project necessary?

Recent studies show that 94% of the population has not heard of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Hence, there is a need for concerted action, which lays a solid foundation for the implementation of the Getting to Know! project. Since development education has not yet been integrated school and university curricula in Bulgaria, the project will serve as a pilot initiative to fill the gap between the needed and existing knowledge about the problems in the least developed regions in the world. Through engaging presentation of the most problematic issues of international development, we aim to provoke young people to research these topics further and actively participate in efforts towards their solution. In this way Bulgarian youth will not only acquire important information and new knowledge about global matters, but will also become active advocates of the idea for a better and fairer world.

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What will happen?

The main activities are geared towards building the capacity of teachers and trainers, who whill later integrate the acquired knowledge in the subjects they teach. The Reader (created during the project) will equip the future trainers with case studies, examples and photos and will be used in the ongoing training classes. Training of volunteer leaders and journalists, envisaged by the initiative, will ensure the long-term sustainability of the public campaigns. The continuous education will have a lasting effect on attitudes change and thus will positively impact future work on issues in developing countries. The interactive website, launched as a result of the project, will stimulate the target groups to participate in discussions on global development issues.

Project activities fall in three key areas:

1. Development of school curricula and training materials:

  • Reader
  • Training of trainers curriculum
  • Feedback, evaluation and adaptation of the teaching aids
  • School and university curricula
  • Methodology for teaching and teaching materials

2. Active involvement of educational institutions:

  • Training of trainers
  • Pilot introduction of four curricula (for university students and pupils from three age groups)
  • Training modules (32 hours)
  • Trainings for school boards,
  • Trainings for volunteers and peer-researchers


3. Public awareness campaign:

  • Press conferences and media events
  • Interactive website with up-to-date informaion
  • Trainings for journalists
  • Partnership building with key stakeholders from state administration and educational institutions on national and local level
  • Initiating public debate on MDGs and development education issues
  • Events in the schools and local communities.


The schedule of project activities can be found here.

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Who is in it?

The activities will be implemented with the participation of:

  • Students from 9 primary, secondary and high schools
  • Students from 3 universities in Bulgaria
  • School and university teachers
  • Journalists
  • School boards


The complete list of educational institutions involved in the project can be found here.

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The project includes educational institutions in the regions of Blagoevgrad, Sofia and Stara Zagora.

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Between 01 January 2010 and 31 December 2012 (36 months).
The schedule of project activities can be found here.

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The project is carried out with the financial support of the European Commission as part of the programme Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development, budget lines 21.03.01 и 21.03.02; EuropeAid/127765/C/ACT/Multi. Contract no: 2009/202-172. Total cost of the action: 449 165 EUR

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Questions, comments?

We welcome your questions, feedback and suggestions about the topics and activities of the project: Contact form.

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